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Exam Software Features

Key product strengths:

ExamBuilder combines the most powerful exam authoring tool with video/PDF training in one simple interface. With ExamBuilder, you can do more than just create exams and deliver them in minutes — you can deliver high impact training, instantly identify knowledge gaps, and facilitate long-term learning.

20 Years of experience:

ExamBuilder has been providing e-learning software for over 20 years. We have worked with some of the world’s best-known companies delivering high-stakes exams to global audiences. And we’re based in New York with English speaking tech support; if you leave us a message someone will actually call you back and help you!

Robust exam software:

ExamBuilder supports 3 exam templates; one for high-stakes exams, one for practice exams, and a third for observational assessments whereby a supervisor can grade employees while they do their jobs. There are 6 question types, grouping functionality to help with scheduling and reporting, real-time certificates of completion, question randomization, and lots of settings that you can toggle on and off to meet your exact training needs. Our new Shopify integration even lets you sell exams!

Training library:

Do you have video and PDF training that you want your users to have anytime access to, before or after taking an exam? Problem solved. You can upload all your content into the ExamBuilder cloud and make it immediately available to your students. You can even organize your users into groups and target those groups with specific training materials.

Videos can also be included within an exam; on the same screen as a question or as pre-exam training. ExamBuilder uses the new HLS format and optimizes each video to stream seamlessly based on Internet connection speed, device, and location anywhere on the planet.

Selling your e-learning exams and training to your customers:

Do you have e-learning content that you want to sell? We listened to your requests and have partnered with Shopify – one of the biggest e-commerce providers – to allow you to do just that. Shopify handles the product description, shopping cart, and payment. ExamBuilder does the rest. After an easy set-up, it’s fully automated. Contact us for details and pricing.

Multi-instructors. Regional manager and proctor interface:

Larger organizations often want to limit the permissions of regional managers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and proctors. Creating additional instructor accounts with permission control is supported in our Enterprise Edition. This is great for allowing regional managers to only see reports for employees in their region, or for allowing proctors to create and schedule students without allowing them to delete data or see exam questions.

Analytical reporting:

ExamBuilder built an analytical reporting engine 10 years ago and it’s still one of our best features. All of the psychometric reports are available, including p-score (question ranking) and item discrimination. How did a sales region perform in each topic within an exam? Which job function did best on question 17? What percentage of people selected C on a multiple-choice question? We’ve got those answers and many more.

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