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When you select ExamBuilder, you are choosing a mature product with a 20+ year history. Our goal has been to add enough features to create a powerful online testing application without bloating the interface and burdening our users with frustrating learning curves. In summary, our exam software is easy to use.

There are 4 types of exams you can create:

  • Certification. This format is geared toward high-stakes exams;
  • Prep (modern). Used for practice exams with the ability to skip and review questions. Supports instant feedback;
  • Prep (legacy). A low-stakes format that forces a student to answer correctly before continuing. Supports instant feedback;
  • BARS / Observational Assessment. This format allows a supervisor to watch an employee perform his/her job and evaluate whether they meet or fail the task.

Exams can be customized in many ways, among them:

  • Time limits, access codes, and gap analysis reports;
  • Addition of inline images, videos and PDFs;
  • Randomization of questions and answers.


  • Exam questions can be delivered to the student in random order;
  • Question distractors such as multiple-choice answers can be scrambled to deter cheating;
  • You can group questions by pool and deliver a percentage of questions from each pool to further randomize the exam.

And these exam features can be fully automated:

  • Exam retakes. You can automatically reschedule students who fail an exam for a retake;
  • The bulk scheduling feature lets you automatically schedule exams by demographic/group (or everyone);
  • Email Invitations to alert students an exam is in their list.

The supported question types are:

  • Multiple choice;
  • True / False;
  • Fill in the blank;
  • Matching;
  • Multiple select;
  • Hotspot;
  • Meet/fail (observational exam only).

ExamBuilder also has gap analysis reports. These reports grade the student on each question pool and provide remediation activities if the performance is below a threshold that you set.

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