Flexible Student Management.
Add, Group, and Schedule.


ExamBuilder offers customized grouping capabilities designed to help you manage your students more effectively. Common ways to group are by:

  • Department;
  • Region;
  • Job function;
  • Country;
  • Vendor.

You can create your own group categories to meet your organization’s needs.

The advantages to grouping are:

  • Your students will be better organized within the system;
  • You can schedule a group to take a specific exam with 1-click;
  • Statistical reports can be generated that compare student performance by group (region, customer or department).

ExamBuilder provides flexibility in student registration. There are 3 ways students can be placed into your instructor account:

  • Self-registration. Students can self-register for ExamBuilder with a registration code that links them to your account;
  • Web interface. The Instructor portal has a simple web-based form you can use to add students to the system;
  • Web-based API. You can automate adding students to your account by using ExamBuilder’s web-based API.

Once logged in, students see a list of exams they are scheduled for. They can also access the Training Library – an area containing videos and PDFs that can accessed at any time. You can target different demographics with training that pertains to them, such as language or business unit.

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