Individual and Bulk Scheduling.


ExamBuilder has many ways to schedule students for online testing, each designed to save you time and improve efficiency:

  • Bulk scheduling. Schedule a student group to take an exam with 1 click;
  • Auto retakes. Students who fail an exam can be automatically rescheduled;
  • Manual scheduling. The Instructor Console provides an easy web form to schedule any student to take any exam;
  • Auto exam scheduling. Schedule everyone in your account to take an exam by setting an exam property;
  • API scheduling. You can automate scheduling by using ExamBuilder’s web-based API.

Once logged in, students see a list of exams they are scheduled for. They can also access the Training Library – an area containing videos and PDFs that can accessed at any time. You can target different demographics with training that pertains to them, such as language or business unit.

The Bulk Scheduling feature can schedule an entire group for a specific exam with one click, and also schedule all new students for that exam. The Bulk Unschedule feature does the opposite; it removes a published exam from your students’ list and can then schedule them for an updated version of an exam.

The Instructor Interface allows you to easily add extra time to timed exams, reset exams in progress, reschedule exams, generate single sign-on links, and delete specific exam attempts.

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