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The Most Powerful Reporting Engine on the Market.

Reporting “How do you know your training is working if you can’t measure it?”

Our reporting package — built with proprietary technology — gives you detailed analysis of every question, question pool, and multiple-choice answer. It’s what puts the power in our online testing software. You can see how many minutes and seconds a student spent on a training video. It is designed to help you find knowledge gaps in your training program that you never knew existed!

The reporting engine:

  • Delivers real-time reports to a global user base 24 hours a day;
  • Analyzes fine data points such as each multiple-choice answer;
  • Can filter data to isolate performance by sales region or department;
  • Displays the amount of time spent on each training video;
  • Supports psychometric reporting (p-score, item analysis, and item discrimination index). Essential exam software reports.

In addition, you’ll find one-click answers to these questions:

  • Who answered this question incorrectly?
  • Which sales region performed the worst in this question pool (topic)?
  • How do my questions rank by difficulty?

Some of the reports you will find are:

  • Scores and completion dates for students who completed a specific exam filtered by pass/fail and group;
  • Date range. Results for every exam taken for a specific timeframe;
  • Search and schedule. Identifies students who haven’t completed a specific exam, so they can be easily scheduled;
  • Question ranking. Displays the percentage correct for every question with demographic sorting options. Also show results of each multiple-choice answer and the item discrimination index;
  • Question pool statistics. See student performance in each question pool to find problem areas with options to filter by demographic grouping;
  • Multi-exam. See which students passed a series of exams;
  • Student question grid. View question results by student for a specific exam in a visual grid format;
  • Last attempt. Get a complete picture of the current status for all students.

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